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This page is for both Teams and Individuals.

Team Registration

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Our team management system is designed to help captains and organisers manage their team.

The more details you enter into the system the more effective it will be.
It is important for all players to understand their responsibilities with regard to entering and participating in an indoor sports league.
This includes turning up for games and paying their match fees.

So If you are clear that you have a committed group of players who wish to play at Planet Sports NORTH SHORE, enter your team and player details by clicking on the link below.

Please Read the Terms and Conditions before registering.

Individual Player Registration

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Want to find a team to play with at Planet Sports on the North Shore?

Register below and we will pass your details onto all teams looking for players.

Being a Ringer
The best way to find a team to play for!

We will also try and place you in a Planet Sports Managed team.

Being a ringer allows Team Captains to contact you by email  to see if you can play when they do not have enough players for a particular fixture.

Being a Ringer is the best way to find a team to join. Make sure you click the register as a Ringer button.

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