1.    In registering your team you are agreeing, as a team, to the terms and conditions of play.

2.    All game fees must be paid in full, as a team, prior to the start of the game. Captains are responsible. 

3.    Teams wishing to exercise the pay as you play payment option must maintain a credit of 1 game fee.

4.    All defaults within 3 working days of the draw will incur a forfeit fee of one game fee. Same day defaults/no shows will incur a double game forfeit fee (Your team and the opposition’s fee).

5.    Match Fees are per team, if a team is short of players and uses ringers or plays short the full match fee still applies.

6.    Team Captains must confirm their team’s availability for the next game time with counter staff prior to play.

7.    If your team is unable to make its fixture for any reason the captain must email planet sports at  (Messages left on answer phones are not considered notification)

8.    Should your team require a change to the draw – captains must email

9.    Teams that carry a debt will not be eligible for any competition points, competition points will not be back dated once the debt has been cleared.

10. Unpaid game fees are the responsibility of the whole team and ultimately the captain.

11. Long term unpaid fees will be sent to a debt collection agency with all debt collection fees being the responsibility of the captain.  Late game fees will incur a surcharge to cover the costs of administering team debt.

12. Teams must be paid & ready to play 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

13. Planet Sports Management reserves the right to withdraw teams who default two or more games or carry outstanding team fees. Withdrawn team will still be liable for the remainder of the season’s fees.

14. Teams may be required to play up to 3 Sunday games per season.

15. In registering your team or partaking in the league you are agreeing to participate in the league for the entire season 18 games, early withdrawal will incur the balance of the season’s fees. 

16. Appropriate footwear; Trainers (clean) are the accepted footwear. Touch Rugby Shoes, Work Boots, Bare Feet are not permitted. No food or drink to be taken onto the courts. NO CHEWING GUM.

17. Where possible we will endeavor to schedule your games in your preferred time slots. Please be aware this is not always possible. Changes to the draw will only be made if whole games can be moved i.e both teams.

18. Players/Grades rules state that a player can only be registered in ONE GRADE. For fairness if your team is short on players, choose a replacement from the sidelines carefully. Choose a player who is in the same grade if and when possible. Your team is responsible for the stand in player’s game fee. 

19. Each new team will be charged a registration fee equal to one weeks game fee. I.E Netball $60, Cricket $96 Soccer $50.

20. Semi-finals and Finals. All players must be registered and qualified for teams to be eligible.

21. By registering your team and playing in the league your team has agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of play.

22. If your team requires an early release from the league in all instances we require a minimum of 3 weeks notice. A team will only be released if all game fees have been paid.

23. Team participation will be carried over automatically from season to season.

24. To end your teams participation at Planet Sports a de-registration form must be completed this is available on the Planet web site 


Captains Contract
On behalf of my team, I/we agree to pay all game and registration fees and to abide by both the rules of play and the house rules, including directions from the umpires, as determined by, and may be amended from time to time by, Planet Sports.